Best Campervan Toilets for Van Lifers in 2021

People living on the sprinter vans find it difficult to find a restroom while traveling or in case of emergency. Here the question arises what can be done in such situations to prevent uncertainty? Campervan toilets have come to rescue the van lifers by providing such convenience that is not only worth the money but can be installed easily.

If you are in search of the best campervans toilets then you have come to the right place! Here we have reviewed the most durable products of all the campervan toilets that you would love to have!

Review Of The Best Campervan Toilets

1. Cleanwaste Portable Toilet

If you are looking for an alternative that gives the best access in case of emergency or extended off-grid stays then you should look at this one! It is an ideal choice for van lifers when there are no public restrooms. This campervan toilet is most commonly used in water rafting guiding companies as it unfolds easily allowing a place to sit. It comes with a thick light wag bag which you attach to it while pooping.

The best part of this campervan toilet is that the wag bags are double-lined in order to prevent leakage while you’re done. It can be sealed easily so that you can put it into the trash. It is engineered thoroughly keeping the safety measures in concern. A premium quality GO anywhere toilet with easy access.

Moreover, it can be then folded close to the size of a standard briefcase. Besides, it might be an expensive solution but in terms of emergency, it’s the best you can have!

What We Like The Most:
Supports up to 500 pounds
Stable on uneven ground
Built-in carrying handle
Easy to use

2. Nature’s Head Self Contained Composting Toilet

If you are in search of the latest design of a campervan toilet that gives the best value to your money, then you must check out this one! This campervan toilet is one of the popular toilets due to its great use of beneficial features. It is specially designed for portable, self-contained, and urine separating dry toilets whether on the road, water, or land.

The best part of this campervan toilet is that it features the porta-potty element that can be fixed to the floor with the help of a pair of brackets. The 12-volt power source can hook up the toilet van and allow the ventilation hose outside the van to prevent odor. This element helps in keeping the environment healthy.

Moreover, it is a user-friendly version of the campervan toilets with close quarters spider handle design. It is made with stainless hardware materials which makes it more durable than other campervan toilets.

What We Like The Most:
Easy empty in 5 minutes
Low volume air circulation fan
Easy to install
A rugged design


Having said that the review of the best campervan toilets came to an end. We hope that we were able to deliver the convenient options to you as we tried our best. Besides, it is better to use a comfortable private toilet than nasty public toilets!

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