Scuba Diving in the Galapagos

Scuba diving Galapagos must be on every divers bucket list. Interested in diving into the waters of Galapagos? Continue reading to learn all you need to know to plan a scuba trip of a lifetime to Galapagos.

Diving is great year-round in the Galapagos. The wet/warm season, between December to June, is considered by many the best time to scuba dive Galapagos. This is because there is calmer, warmer water and better visibility.

While there are dive spots for beginners and intermediates, generally speaking the Galapagos are better suited to advanced divers. This is especially true between the months of June and November (dry/cool season), when waters are colder and rougher, with strong currents and rocky underwater surfaces.

There are 28 different shark species that call these waters home. You may encounter:

🦈 Blacktip sharks
🦈 White-tip reef sharks
🦈 Scalloped hammerhead sharks
🦈 Galapagos sharks
🦈 The massive yet gentle Whale Sharks (depending on the season)

Top 6 Galapagos Dive Sites

Galapagos has world class diving that brings some of the most amazing creatures of the sea before your very eyes. Check out these top Galapagos dive sites, ranging from beginner to intermediate to advanced.

Academy Bay is located at Puerto Ayora on Santa Cruz Island. Here, divers have a chance to see (depending on the season) Galapagos sea lions, manta ray, green sea turtles, spotted eagle ray, hammerhead sharks and whale sharks.

Nearest Main Island: Santa Cruz Island
Difficulty Level: Beginner

A relaxed dive site off Santa Cruz Island (about two miles off the coast from Puerto Ayora) where divers of all levels may catch a glimpse of white-tipped reef sharks, sea lions, marine iguanas and seahorses.

Nearest Main Island: Santa Cruz Island
Difficulty Level: Beginner

North Seymour Island is an exciting, open level dive site where divers can see turtles, sea lions, eagle rays, reef fish, Galapagos garden eels, white-tip reef sharks and even some hammerheads depending on the season.

Nearest Main Island: Baltra Island
Difficulty Level: Beginner

Dive Guide To The Galapagos | Scuba Diver Mag - Scuba Diver Mag

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Dive Guide To The Galapagos | Scuba Diver Mag  Scuba Diver Mag...

This small island with calmer waters and sandy ocean floors is an excellent place to spot garden eels, colorful fish and hammerhead sharks in the right season. It is conveniently located between Baltra and North Seymour Islands.

Nearest Main Island: Baltra Island
Difficulty Level: Beginner

This small island just north of Floreana Island is an amazing spot for lovers of the flora of the sea. Down the rock wall you can see fascinating black coral bushes and yellow cup coral, along with some curious green turtles, surgeonfish, Pacific seahorse and hawkfish.

Nearest Main Island: Floreana Island
Difficulty Level: Beginner

This dive site off a famous hiking point on San Cristobal island is known for its calm clear waters that welcome divers of all levels. Here you have a chance to spot green sea turtles, rays, Galapagos garden eels, angelfish, grunts and playful sea lions.

Nearest Main Island: San Cristobal Island
Difficulty Level: Beginner

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