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Fishing Nevada May Pleasantly Surprise you

When it comes to perfect fishing destinations, Nevada is probably not the first US state that springs to mind. However, despite the state’s inland and dry location, Nevada boasts some incredible fishing opportunities. 

Throw in fantastic year-round weather, clear blue skies, warm temperatures, miles upon miles of open highway, and some tremendous RV-friendly campsites close to the best lakes and streams – you have the makings for an incredible fishing-orientated RV road trip. 

Whether you’ve got your family in tow or heading away for the ultimate fishing Nevada trip with friends, there’s never been a better opportunity to rent an RV and hit the road. Let’s discover the best time of year for fishing in the state, what you can catch, and some of the top fishing spots.  

Best Time Of Year For Fishing In Nevada

Nevada is super fortunate regarding fishing as there is no set’ best time of year’. This means you can fish throughout the state year-round. However, the peak season for fishing is generally considered to be November through March, with March being the most preferable due to warm waters and more active fish. This provides abundant fishing opportunities across the state’s numerous lakes, reservoirs, rivers, and streams. 

All people over 12 require a license to fish anywhere in Nevada; however, Lake Mead and Lake Mohave are exceptions to this rule. So, what types of fish can you catch while you go RVing through Nevada? 

What Can You Catch In Nevada?

Rainbow Trout 

Rainbow trout is the most prominent species of fish in Nevada and is truly a fish in abundance here. You’ll be hard pushed not to catch rainbow trout wherever you fish, and throughout Nevada, Rainbow trout can be found in over 295 rivers, lakes, and streams. 

Largemouth Bass 

Another abundant fish species in Nevada. The Largemouth Bass lives only in the largest expanses of water, such as the lakes and reservoirs across the state. More specifically, these Bass love shallow, slow-moving waters. 

Lahontan Cutthroat Trout 

Lahontan Cutthroat Trout are found in over 123 streams in Nevada, particularly in the Lahontan basin, Elko Humboldt, and Nye. 

Channel Catfish 

You’ll discover Channel Catfish in reservoirs both in the north and south of the state. They are also found in warm water streams across the entire state. 

Striped Bass 

A slightly less common species compared with others on this list. However, if you’re lucky, you might come across one in the larger Nevada lakes, such as Lake Mohave and Lake Mead. 

The Best Spots For Fishing In Nevada

Now we know the best time of year and what you’ll have the chance to catch in Nevada, let’s check out some of the great fishing spots in the state. There are so many incredible spots and likely little gems we don’t know about but head to any of these spots, and you won’t regret it. 

Oh, and all these spots are perfect for parking up in an RV and enjoying all the comforts of home, surrounded by nature with access to the best fishing in the state. If it’s a combination of great fishing and an RV road trip, look no further than these next few spots.

Wild Horse Reservoir

Wild Horse State Reservoir is one of Nevada’s best places to fish. Situated North of county Elko, Wild Horse Reservoir gives you the chance to catch both Rainbow Trout and Channel Catfish. 

Wild Horse Reservoir is also a fantastic spot for Rvers, and nearby lies Wild Horse State Recreation Area, an RV campground perched mere meters from the water and open all year round. The camp boasts 34 sites and includes all the amenities you need for a family RV camping trip. All sites have a table, fire pit, soft ground, and shaded areas. Essential for the Nevada summer. 

Lake Mohave

Lake Mohave may ring a bell? A famous national park in the state, and for good reason. It’s beautiful. Due to the construction of the Davis Dam, Lake Mohave is an artificial lake formed after the damming of the Colorado River. With over 28,000 acres of water, Lake Mohave boasts numerous species of fish, including the Channel Catfish and Rainbow Trout, making this a superb fishing spot at any time of year. 

Lake Mohave also boasts one of the best RV parks in the state for fishing. Willow Beach Campground and RV Park are perfect for any fishing enthusiast, including 28 full-service sites. What’s more, when you camp and fish here, you don’t need a license for fishing. You can head off with your family or friends, and everyone will be allowed to fish. 

Cave Lake

A few miles just Southeast of county Ely, Cave Lake has 2,700 acres of water space, including many species, most notably, the Nevada favorite, the Rainbow Trout. Cave lake enjoys year-round fishing and boasts a fantastic campground in the Cave Lake State Park. The RV-friendly campsite will set you back around $20 per night per vehicle and has all the basic amenities you’ll need for a fishing trip. 

Truckee River

Situated in Nevada’s West, Truckee River is a trout haven. Boasting both Rainbow and Cutthroat Trout. Truckee River is another Nevada location with year-round fishing and an RV park nearby. Truckee River RV Park is situated just meters from the River, making for an ideal fishing and RV camping spot. 

Truckee River is also super close to some other awesome attractions. Once you’ve filled your fishing quota, you are only 20 miles from Lake Tahoe and 25 minutes to Squaw Valley Ski Resort if you’re visiting during the winter.

Lake Mead

A mere 25 miles from Las Vegas, situated along the Colorado River and is the US’s largest man-made lake. Boasting a wide array of fishing species, including most found throughout Nevada. Lake Mead RV Village offers fantastic lake views and spacious pitches with all the bells and whistles you need for a perfect fishing trip.  

Because of Lake Mead’s size, there are endless little coves and bays dotted the length of its shores, although you’ll have to do some exploring if you want to find its true hidden gems. There has never been a better time to head to Lake Mead and enjoy its spoils than now, as due to the water levels declining at an alarming rate, we don’t know how long the lake will last as we move into the future. 

PS – Plan Your Trip Now To Avoid The Crowds

Nevada, despite not being the most well-known state for fishing in the continental US, now knows there are numerous beautiful spots to park your RV and cast a line. With such an abundance of fishing spots, long open roads, and perfect weather year-round, there’s no better time than right now to plan your next RV trip and head off across Nevada in search of the best fishing and good times. 

To recap, let’s revisit those top spots to go RVing and fishing in the state: 

Wild Horse Reservoir Lake Mohave Cave Lake Truckee River Lake Mead

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Nevada boasts some incredible fishing opportunities year round. Whether you’re with your family or with friends, fishing Nevada won’t disappoint.
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